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Multicast on 6BONE?

On 4 Jun 2001, Bjorn Lindgren wrote:

> I have some questions about multicast and 6BONE.
> Does multicast work on the current 6BONE?, does the core routers on
> 6BONE fully support multicast routing? (PIM-SM, PIM-DM, DVMRP, MBGP?).
> I'm doing some experiments with streaming MPEG-1/2/4 video over IPv6
> multicast and are looking into doing tests with more realistic
> conditions than local LAN sandbox enviroment and wonder if this is
> possible on 6BONE?

If you're announcing prefixes through zebra you can use it to announce
prefixes over MBGP.  I'm currently seeing only 3 prefixes in MBGP on our
looking glass so there's not much activity there.  This doesn't address
the actual routing problem though between tunnels.  We're using PIM and
MSDP on ciscos for IPv4 but integrating that with IPv6 has a number of
obstacles the biggest being that ciscos beta IPv6 firmware can't even
fit/run in the typical amount of flash/RAM on most of their routers.