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IP v6 Security

At/À 09:11 2001-07-21 +0900, [email protected] you wrote/vous écriviez:

> >I have a more general question: Is there any FIREWALL SW for IP v6? Fuego
> >does not have it, Checkpoint does not state to have any product, Cisco
> >12.2T is not anything to use on their PICS FW (as far as I have heard).
> >Have anybody else seen anything around? Have anybody geard ANYTHING about
> >products in pipeline?
>         near-future cisco IOS will have access control list (= filters)
>         support, I believe.

- already available,  but standard access list (somewhat limited).
- the roadmap says that next release will have extended access list. but 
this doesn't handle complex security policies with stateful stuff.

>         if you are okay with free softwares, you can use KAME ip6fw, Darren
>         Reed's ipfilter, and maybe some other filters.

ipfilter is better than extended access lists since it handles stateful.