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Filtering prefixes longer than /24

On Wed, 11 Jul 2001, Pavel Satrapa wrote:
> > But the point of the 6bone is to be able to test the real (full scale)
> > environment.   That means sites not advertising private prefixes, no
> Clear. But the real SubTLA prefixes assigned by RIPE NCC (and probably by
> other registries too) are /35 :-(  It looks like the production IPv6
> network will be aggregated at the /35 level.

Luckily enough, if you look at the assigments, you can see that RIR's are
reserving everyone basically a /25 but giving out only 1/1024th of that

Too bad they wouldn't "reserve" /24 which would have been on the nibble
boundary; on the other hand, then RIR's would have to have been real
stingy about who they're allocating to; only 256 candidates, and little
room for expansion.  Currently there are less than 100, and some are ones
that should not have been given one IMO; however, I'm of the opinion not
every local ISP should be given one anyway..

Now it won't matter, but it _will_ once after ISP's start doing dialup and
dsl over IPv6 in a more widespread fashion (in a two years, perhaps).

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