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6to4 on a Cisco

Hi Thomas,

> the trouble with M$'s 6to4cfg.exe is that they check the prospective 6to4
> gateway for mainly two things:
> 1. Reachability via IPv4 ICMP messages (i.e. ping)
> 2. Reachability via automatic IPv6-in-IPv4 tunneling (like ping6
> ::213.x.x.x)
> although the second is not needed by the 6to4 en/decapsulation. That's why
> you must do the last step of their config by hand:
> ipv6 rtu ::/0 2/::213.x.x.x pub life 1800
> Afterwards 6to4 should be working.

Yep, it works !! Thanks for the help.

I think the problem is with issue 2, because I can normally ping the router.
Is the automatic IPv6-in-IPv4 tunneling a feature I can activate on a Cisco