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Cisco 'ipv6 route' problem.


I have a question for the Cisco people that might be of public interrest.
Assume we have a Cisco that builds a tunnel to an IPv4 endpoint using
a /127 tunnelnetwork. This is interface Tunnel1 and the Cisco endpoint
is 3ffe:8114:1000::2/127.

The Cisco then routes a /64 over the tunnel to the remote server. As far
as I can tell, I can route it via two different commands, which both
result in different behavior!

1.  ipv6 route 3ffe:8114:2000:b0::/64 Tunnel1
2.  ipv6 route 3ffe:8114:2000:b0::/64 3ffe:8114:1000::3

If you agree with me that this is an unambigous way to define a static
route over the tunnel, please try and explain to my why the rule under (2)
makes for approximately 50% packet loss from hosts on the 6bone to hosts
in the tunneled /64, and also the same packet loss from users in the
/64 to the 6bone.

If I change the rule from (2) to (1), the problem is solved.
(IOS is the thanksgiving release (12.0))

Kind regards,
Pim van Pelt

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