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6bone attachment request

Following the instructions from http://www.6bone.net/6bone_hookup.html, I 
tried to obtain registry information from 
http://www.cs-ipv6.lancs.ac.uk/ipv6/6Bone/Whois/bycountry.html but it 
seems that the site is down and thus have not found/contacted any nearby 
6bone attachment points.

http://www.viagenie.qc.ca/en/ipv6/registry/index.shtml does not seem to be 
much of a help if you don't know the site name to query.

So I'm turning to this list for help in obtaining a /48 or /64 prefix or 
some ipv6 addresses for testing purposes. I'm based in Christchurch, New 


Sean Lin                 27 Nazareth Avenue
Software Engineer        PO Box 8011
Allied Telesyn Research  Christchurch
phone +64 3 339 3000     New Zealand
fax   +64 3 339 3002     email: [email protected]
                         web: http://www.alliedtelesyn.co.nz/