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How can I get IPv6 Router


You can purchange some Cisco box (eg 2500/3600 series) and install IOS 12.1
on that which is capable of IPv4 and IPv6. They can be quite expensive for
an individual though.

Other possibility is taking some computer (Intel/Sparc) and installing a 
Unix on it (OpenBSD/Solaris or Linux) and compiling the OS specific tools
in order to create a router.

In the latter case, you should check out Zebra (www.zebra.org) which has
a fully featured router in C code.

Getting connectivity should not be too hard. I myself can be of help in
that case. Visit www.ipng.nl for details about Static Tunnels (only
24/7 connection and static IP)

regards, good luck,

> I want to build a IPv6 experiment  network. But how can I get a router which can be
> used in the IPv6 environment. i.e. an "IPv6" router?
> Thanks very much!
> dong
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