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Designing IPv6 network guidelines?

>> 	if /35 runs out, country-wide operator can ask for more to RIR.
>> 	/35 was assigned from RIR to facilitate slow-start.  country-wide
>> 	operator should be able to grow into /29 sub TLA without renumber,
>> 	then become a proper TLA (/16) - this is what I understand at this
>> 	moment.
>> 	if you use something other than /48, you will make renumber harder
>> 	for customers (universities).
>Trouble is, a /48 is not enough for a typical University...

	does your university have 64k subnets, or do you plan to provide
	dialup services to student households?

	anyway, if /48 is really not enough, the university should get
	another /48...