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I'm very, very new at this! Let me qualify that statement. I'm currently  
studying for my CCNA. I just finished the first year, and am quite  
comfortable with subnetting. Until I ran into IPv6. I have a 6Bone tunnel,  
that I would just like to experiment with, by setting it up for operation by  
some close friends here in San Antonio. I am willing to make it available to  
anyone in the IPv6 research group, anywhere! 
My major point is strictly this. How does a subnetted Hex IPv6 network	
number look? I'm lost somewhere in between trying to first convert the hex  
to binary, and trying to make it represent something I'm familar with. My  
machine is,, as far as the tunnel is concerned. But I'm	
beginning to see that a lot of this is just over my head, at this point.  
Hence, my plea for help! 
My 'equipment' is: a 'DirecTV' ADSL box, with a LinkSys Router behind it,  
and about 4 PC's connected. My next project, hopefully, is to become an ISP  
to my friends. But, that's a future thing. 
Anyway you can help, will be greatly appreciated.