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Ipv6 -> ipv4 tunneling

> Hi !
> lynx http://www.freenet6.net
> apt-get install freenet6
> vi /etc/tspc.conf
> /etc/init.d/freenet6 start
> Cheers,

Did that, actually... got the following output.

crfh:/home/svein# tspc -v
tspc - Tunnel Server Protocol Client

Loading configuration file

Connecting to server

Using [] as source IPv4 address.
Send request

Process response from server

TSP_HOST_TYPE                    router
TSP_TUNNEL_INTERFACE             sit1
TSP_HOME_INTERFACE               eth0
TSP_CLIENT_ADDRESS_IPV6          3ffe:0b80:0002:33ea:0000:0000:0000:0002
TSP_SERVER_ADDRESS_IPV6          3ffe:0b80:0002:33ea:0000:0000:0000:0001
TSP_TUNNEL_PREFIXLEN             128
TSP_PREFIX                       3ffe:0b80:05af
TSP_PREFIXLEN                    48
TSP_VERBOSE                      1
TSP_HOME_DIR                     /usr/lib/freenet6
--- Start of configuration script. ---
Script:  linux.sh
sit1 setup
Setting up link to 
Command line is not complete. Try option "help"
Error while executing /sbin/ip
   Command: /sbin/ip tunnel add sit1 mode sit ttl 64 remote
Closing, exit status: 0
Exiting with return code : 0 (0 = no error)


Pretty obvious what the error is, but I didn't get a response when I tried to 
contact them... any ideas?

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for in their hearts they dream themselves your master.