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pTLA request for MICROSOFT - review closes 2 January 2002

>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Kjorling <[email protected]> writes:
    Michael> Just a comment out of curiosity - why wouldn't they be able to
    Michael> do that same thing with what they have now? Matter of fact is
    Michael> that they do have two /48s:

    Michael> (from the 6Bone whois) ipv6-site: MICROSOFT origin: AS8070
    Michael> descr: Microsoft IPv6 Site country: US prefix:
    Michael> 3FFE:2900:201::/48 prefix: 3FFE:C00:8036::/48

  Aren't these prefixes subject to recall?

    Michael> Plus, if they decide to make their services (say, Passport)
    Michael> IPv6-only when a great deal of the world does not speak IPv6,
    Michael> that will cause a major uproar. I don't think they would be able
    Michael> to do that, actually.

  Who said anything about making password IPv6 only? 
  You just might have to have an IPv6 address to use it.

    Michael> As I have said, I am not a fan of Microsoft. But I don't see why
    Michael> them getting a pTLA on 6Bone or not would help or stop them from
    Michael> developing incompatible protocols. Those are two completely
    Michael> different issues.

  I'm just throwing a strawman into the field.
  There are many things that having control over a number space permits.

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