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IP addresses in 6bone

[Please correct any technical nonsense I might spew in this mail. I am just
starting in figuring out how ipv6 works.]

We, Uni-C, used to be connected to the 6bone, but changes in staff, hardware
platforms and the lack of interest from our customers made us drop out.

However, it seems 3FFE:1400::/24 is still assigned to us (that's a rather
large assignment. A /32 or even af /36 would suffice - keeping to the
4bit borderlines).

We are joining the 6net project, and I was thinking about just using the
above-mentioned prefix in this.

However, a lookup in whois.6bone.net gave me this info:

$ whois "-M 3ffe:1400::/24"@whois.6bone.net

ipv6-site:    EMI-DTU
origin:       AS1835
descr:        EMI, Tech. U. of Denmark, Lyngby, Denmark
location:     55 46 8 N 12 31 0 E 45m 100m 100m 10m
country:      DK
prefix:       3FFE:1401:1::/48

ipv6-site:    ECRC
origin:       AS1273
descr:        Cable & Wireless ECRC GmbH
              Arabellastr. 17
              D-81925 Munich
country:      DE
prefix:       3FFE:1402:1::/48

ipv6-site:    ICM-PL
origin:       AS8664
descr:        Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling
              Warsaw University, Poland
              ul. Pawinskiego 5a
              02-106 Warszawa
location:     52 12 22 N 20 59 01 E 100m
country:      PL
prefix:       3FFE:8010::/28
prefix:       3FFE:902::/32
prefix:       3FFE:280::/40
prefix:       3FFE:140F:1::/48

Now, the first on (EMI-DTU) makes sense. They are an institution connected to
the world through us (and through our AS-no.), but the latter two baffles me
a bit.

Their having addresses in out /24... Is that a consequence of our being marked
as inactive, or is there some clue somewhere, that we delegated those 
addresses to them?

If the former, I'd suggest that we and EMI-DTU (who are also inactive, since
the one who dealt with ipv6 left years ago and we are their only connection)
are simply removed from the registry, thereby making the inconsistencies go

We would then have to apply for new addresses, but since we do not use the 
3FFE:1400::/24 anyway (yet), that wouldn't be too much of a hassle.

Peter B. Juul, 
Uni·C (PBJ255-RIPE)