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Routing of 2002::/16

>>>>> "Dave" == Dave Wilson <[email protected]> writes:
    Dave> Now I take it that this means that I must advertise 2002::/16 within my 
    Dave> own network, and to as many of my peers as I (and they) choose, but 

  If you have a 6to4 gateway, you should advertise 2002::/16 so that your
network will know how to find the gateway and thus reach 6to4 nodes.

  If you are *using* 6to4 addresses, then once you have formed your /48
prefix, you may well be subnetting that, and you likely want to advertise
/64s (or however you subnet) internal to your network. 

    Dave> I see also that it's forbidden to advertise prefixes longer than 
    Dave> 2002::/16, for good reason. This would seem to mean that packets going 
    Dave> from native IPv6 site --> 6to4 site are reliant on either the native 
    Dave> site (or their upstream) having a relay router, or on some kind person 
    Dave> advertising 2002::/16 to the entire internet. Is this so?

  I'm not entirely clear why an ISP that had, for instance,
couldn't advertise a gateway to 2002:d197:0000::/35 to its v6 peers.

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