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Announcing 2003::/16 during tests of "shipworm"

Primary concern: safety.
	If you can't filter, or don't know how, you should not be connected
to the 6bone.

However, becuase of the controversy here, I will be allowing the 2003://16
prefix only to transit connections to 6175.  If you receive transit from
6175, and do not wish to receive 2003::/16, please filter the prefix.

IMHO, the position that "we can't do that becuase people don't filter" is
nonsense. If people don't filter, they should not be allowed to participate
on the 6bone.

Rob Rockell
Principal Engineer
SprintLink Europe/Asia
(+1) 703-689-6322
Sprint IP Services : Thinking outside the 435 box

On Sun, 9 Dec 2001, Jan Oravec wrote:

->> >I see no reason to not allow *ANY* prefix that has a legit purpose for
->> >testing on the 6bone.  This should in no way break any existing asignments.
->> I do agree with this. The 6bone is a test network, and as such would not be
->> doing a proper job if we didn't allow new ideas (and prefixes) to be used
->> for testing, as long as they don't mess up others (which Rob covers below).
->How can you ensure, invalid prefixes will not get into production
->networks ? 6bone is big enough to this be impossible - many AS does not
->filter anything.
->Microsoft does not need to announce 2003::/16 to test ShipWorm. They say,
->they want to test it, not to provide 6bone/IPv6 connection thru ShipWorm.
->If they want the second, they can SNAT 2003::/16 to some valid address or
->wait for IANA assignment.
->> The last communications on this with Randy Bush, our AD, are:
->and also:
->> Date: Fri, 07 Dec 2001 15:26:36 -0800
->> From: Randy Bush <[email protected]>
->> Subject: Re: (ngtrans) Testing Shipworm
->> To: "Christian Huitema" <[email protected]>
->> Cc: <[email protected]>
->> > Our development team is getting ready to test Shipworm. Pending formal
->> > IANA assignment, we are testing with the following parameters:
->> >
->> >       Shipworm IPv6 service prefix: 2003::/16
->> >       Shipworm IPv4 anycast address:
->> >       Shipworm UDP port: 337
->> cool!  we should have great fun, as i am hijacking that same space for
->> a different experiment.
->> isn't hijacking fun!!!  and our expenses will go down now that we no
->> longer need the iana or registries.
->> oh, and next week, we're going to conduct a bunch of ipv4 routing
->> experiments announcing various prefixes in  i'm sure
->> no one will mind.
->> randy
->Best Regards,
->Jan Oravec
->XS26 - 'Access to IPv6'
->[email protected]