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Hijacking of prefixes - IPv4 class E (was: Announcing 2003::/16 during tests of "shipworm")

From: Jan Oravec [mailto:[email protected]]
>> Something like that would be nice for experiments, but advertising
>> such prefixes has no effect, because the prefix can be already used
>> by someone else for another experiment.

There is a finite number of people that need to advertise a /16 on the
IPv6 DFZ at the same time for the sole purpose of experimenting a new

>> That implies that such experiments cannot be global experiments.


>> The only one way is to make some authority for time limited
>> prefix delegations

Absolutely, and there needs to be no authority for that. 

>> <- ugly solution.


>> Anyway, does anyone need to do global experiments ?

This is not even debatable. Not everyone needs global experiments, but
some people do. In the case that prompted all that turmoil
(shipworm/microsoft), there is no doubt that whoever develops such a
protocol will one day or another need to advertise a /16.

Hijacking is bad, but regulated hijacking could have some use,
especially if it does not break anything.