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IPv6 PPP procedures?

 In your previous mail you wrote:

   Is there a spec for what a PPP connection is supposed to do once the 
   link-local addresses are established? Shouldn't the "client" at that 
   point perform a router solicitation to determine the prefix on its 
   endpoint or something?
=> there are three cases:
 - both ends are hosts: nothing to do.
 - one end is a host, the other one is a route: the host sends router
   solicitations, the router sends router advertisements, and when
   the host receives a router advertisement it applies RFC 2462
   (auto-configuration) and can get global addresses.
 - both ends are routers: a routing protocol should be started
   (look at Itojun's dialup draft for other details).


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PS: in the common case (router-host) the router uses a static config
(in the ipv6-up script) and the host auto-conf/neighbor discovery.
This works well for a /128 if the implementation is good but Itojun
has good arguments about what to do further (so read his draft).