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Lurker wants to get involved - but how best to get started?


>From what I have read, one of the upcoming builds of XP will include a
beta version of IPV6.  Here is a link to the Microsoft IPV6 'Technology
Preview' for windows 2000

I am not sure if it will work with XP, but the setup on windows 2000 was
pretty straight forward.  Unpack the file, and add the protocol from
your networking properties, bind it to an adapter (by checking the
checkbox) and you are ready to roll.  It also adds some neat utilities;
ping6, tracert6, and (I think) a 6to4 gateway.  I haven't gotten further
than installing the protocol and pinging my IPV6 address...but that
download should give you everything you need.

-Chris Schuerger 

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Subject: Lurker wants to get involved - but how best to get started?

I've been lurking here for some time, but now want to put a bit of 
effort into doing ipv6.

Currently I'm running Windows XP (build 2505 right now), and would like 
to start by just making this machine run it.  My understanding is that 
I'll need to set it up to route ipv6 messages to a gatway/tunnel/router 
somewhere else.

If I cannot do it with this machine, I could set up a freeBSD box and 
follow the instructions at kame, but I'd like to see what's available 
for this system if possible.

Thanks for your time!  I realize this isn't the best list to ask this 
question, but I'd appreciate any pointers to the right sites and lists.