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ipv6 reverse delegation

% Bill Manning <[email protected]> writes:
% >       IPv6 reverse delegations work. Please contact the RIR who
% >       provided you your delegation for details.  If you have an
% >       delegation from 6bone, please let me know and we will
% >       get your delegation made.
% Right, our 6bone reverse delegations work fine, using IP6.INT.
% What of rfc3152, deprecating IP6.INT in favor of IP6.ARPA - "the old
% usage is not appropriate for new implementations" - should we plan on
% using ip6.arpa anytime soon on the 6bone?

	ip6.arpa is an interesting idea and has been slowly
	working its way through the IESG/IAB approval process.
	It was not the product of an IETF WG and was driven
	strictly by political interests.

	At some point, there may actually be nameservers for 
	this proposed delegation.