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6bone webpage updates.

All, Bob,  

On 22-Nov-2000 Bob Fink wrote:
> Itojun,
> At 06:29 PM 11/22/2000 +0900, Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino wrote:
>>         there seem to be some obsolete links on 6bone webpage.
>>         i tried to sweep some of those.
> Thanks. I'll look into it and update pages appropriately.
> Bob
>>         BME-FSZ/HU (both): page does not exist, or reachability issue
>>         CSR4/IT: page does not exist
>>         DIGITAL/AU: obsolete (last update sep1997!)
>>         JOIN/DE: looks obsolete, last update is jan2000

If you don't know, 
the JOIN webpages moved in january this year, the new main page is 
http://www.join.uni-muenster.de/welcome-e.html , resp. 
http://www.ipv6.uni-muenster.de/welcome-e.html for IPv6 access.
The new location of the ping statistics page is 
http://www.join.uni-muenster.de/6bone/ping-list-e.html . There are more
operating statistics, but those pages are only accessible in german 
language so far. 


JOIN -- IP Version 6 in the WiN   Christian Schild
                  A DFN project   Westfaelische Wilhelms-Universitaet Muenster
Project Team email:               Zentrum fuer Informationsverarbeitung
           [email protected]   Roentgenstrasse 9-13
http://www.join.uni-muenster.de   D-48149 Muenster / Germany
email: [email protected],  phone: +49 251 83 31638, fax: +49 251 83 31653