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Cisco router, NAT, and IPv6 tunnel.

At 22/11/2000, Enno Rey wrote:
 >maybe the section about NAT in
 >might help you. Though I'm not sure if it works. Could you please give us

NAT-PT is not supported in the current version of the Cisco IOS IPv6 
implementation. A partial implementation was included in an earlier 11.x 
based Beta release (images called *.19990308 available on 
www.cisco.com/go/ipv6), but it has not been supported in any 12.x based 
images.   There is a team working on NAT-PT, and support will be released 
as part of Phase 2 of IPv6. The IPv6 Statement of Direction on the web page 
contains full details of what's planned for the various phases.

Please send questions about Beta or EFT IPv6 support to 
[email protected] if you want to get definitive answers to questions 
about IPv6 in Cisco IOS.

Trevor Warwick
Cisco IOS Software Development Manager, Stockley Park, London
Tel: +44 (0)20 8756 9688