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> I want to join to 6bone, but I have a doubt about a device that I have
> to use like a host, so what do you think that is better to use like a
> workstation: a WINDOWS NT or SUN??
> And why?

I have 4 different machines on the 6bone and of all of them the NT machine
is the lesat useful.  There is almost no software (mozilla?).  The ipv6
support is more like a proof of concept than an implementation.

The other machines are solaris8, openbsd and freebsd.  All 3 have
comperable ipv6 support.  Openbsd has trouble with bind9 (threads on
sparc).  I use openbsd mainly as the endpoint of my tunnel. 

The solaris imlementation if ipv6 is pretty nice.  I haven't had any

Freebsd also works really well.  They have an ipv6 section in the ports
tree that makes building ipv6 apps easy.  Openbsd may have this as
well but I haven't looked. Freebsd and openbsd have the same ipv6 stack (
as do most of the bsds).

So why you may or may not want to use solaris you will definatley want to
use some unix.  Windows is way behind in the ipv6 world.