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First of all, ... oeps!
Slip of the finder, I did a 'reply to all', when I should have done a
'Reply to Sender only'.
This was not supposed to be sent in the mailing-list. (Hence my use of

On Mon, 13 Nov 2000, Marco Davids wrote:
>>> telnet6 instead of telnet?
>> Not needed, my regular telnet supports IPv6. It first tries an IPv6 connection,
>> and if it fails it falls back to IPv4. Example:
>> (...)
>> Hmmm. Interessant.

>> Waar kun je die vinden (source of linux-executable)?
>> Ik heb wel al een aantal sites gevonden waar je IPv6-applicaties kunt
>> vinden, maar de 'gewone' tools (zoals telnet, ftp, ...) ben ik nog niet
>> tegengekomen.

> Point your favourite searchenginge to keywords like:
> inet6-apps-0.33.tar.gz (or more recent ones)

> And how about Mozilla? An IPv6 capable browser ;-)
On my pentium-100 laptop?
(The last time I checked it was much heavier than netscape, and even that
one doesn't run very fast on that box).

I think I'll try wwwoffle as proxy on my local box, so I can even use lynx
to surf the web.

> Openssh is also IPv6 compatible and there are many more, including
> telnet, Apache, ...
The only IPv6-patches of apache I found where for a (rather) old version
of apache. (Which could mean possible bugs or securiry-issues ???)

> irc, tcpdump, traceroute and many others.
> (my telnet for example is: telnet.95.10.23.NE+ipv6-3.tar.gz).
> Just point your searchengine in the right direction and you'll find what
> you are looking for.
(and also to the other people who replied!).

Cheerio! Kr. Bonne.
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