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BOUNCE [email protected] workshop

 Due to some email anomolies, this notice was not delivered to all intended
 recipients. I am sorry for duplicates.  Please note that to participate, you
 -MUST- have a valid IPv6 delegation and you must send me a note indicating 
 your intent to attend prior to the workshop. Due to the nature of the workshop,
 walk-ins will not be able to particpate.
  For planning purposes...
  A while back I asked if there was interest in holding a DNSSEC workshop 
  for IPv6 native machines. We missed the last workshop after NANOG20 so 
  it seems that holding one in conjunction with the IETF-49 meeting might be
  the best fit for many potential participants. There was enough of a 
  response to begin the planning process and we now have a room reserved.
  Here are the logistics for those needing to make travel arrangements.
  Where: Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina (The IETF-49 venue)
  1380 Harbor Island Drive
  San Diego, CA 92101-1092
  Phone: 1-619-291-2900
  Fax: 1-619-692-2337
  When: Friday and Saturday  --  15th and 16th December 2000
  Signing up: Send me email <[email protected]>.  There are only 30 slots 
  so signing up early will ensure you have a seat. 
  Cost: $0 US
  What to bring: A computer (laptop) capable of running the latest BIND 9
  code (see ftp://ftp.isc.org/isc/bind9/), with that code installed.  A 
  working IPv6 stack. Also, bring a cat 5 cable. 
  As far as external Internet connectivity, we anticipate full IPv6 connectivity
  since the workshop will depend on access to the IPv6 root cluster. :)
  Specific homework assignments will be sent to the registered participants
  that should be done prior to the workshop.
  Thanks to EP.NET, LLC. and Greenflash consulting for coordination of the