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Router vendors

On Tue, 28 Mar 2000, HANSEN CHAN wrote:

> Can someone enlighten me which IGP will be used in IPv6? RIPng or OSPFv6? I
> understand that RIPng was extensively used (and probably still is). But will
> OSPFv6 replace RIPng in the same way OSPFv2 replacing RIPv2?
> Which IGP being used in 6bone?

Since there is no complete v6 OSPF implimentation (zebra is working on it)
that I've been able to find, I must assume that RIPng is the IGP of choice
on the 6bone.  However, I expect there is not a lot of IGP use on the
6bone at all right now, because most participants only have a small test
bed of v6 networks.

>From what I can tell RIPng has all the problems that RIPv2 has in a large
highly-interconnected enviroment (little ability to handle multiple link
speeds correctly, slow convergence time, lots of traffic from big routing 
tables). RIP is just a lot easier to impliment then OSPF.

The reason I was asking about router and routing support, is we are
currently implimenting a MAN, and infrastructure IPv6 support is important
to us. I was already aware of the vendors on the ipng-implementations.html
page, but I was hoping that there was someone I was missing. 

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