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whois.6bone.net refuses connections

On Fri, 24 Mar 2000, Michal Ludvig wrote:

> Hello,
> I wanted to add new objects to 6bone registry, but whois.6bone.net refuses
> connections on smtp port 25 while sending e-mail to
> [email protected] I've also tried [email protected], which is
> several time ment on http://www.6bone.net/RIPE-registry.html, but in this
> case I got no reply within almost 12 hrs. 
> I know this is not the right place for complaining, but I dont know any
> better ;-) Maybe someone who could fix it or help me in another way would
> read this mail too.
> Have a nice day
> Michal Ludvig

Hi, I have the same problems and now both whois.6bone.net and isi.edu smtp
are down...
Is there soem other way I can make entries into the RIPE whois database ?