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SOCKS64: An implementation of SOCKS based IPv6/IPv4 Gateway Mechanism

We released the new version of our implementation of the SOCKS based
IPv6/IPv4 Gateway Mechanism. The URL is:


Main changes from socks64-v10r8-19990118.tgz are:

1. Based on the latest SOCKS5 package socks5-v1.0r10.
2. Support for Linux (kernel-2.2.x, GNU libc 2.1) is added.
3. New option -r (--reverse) is added.

With -r option, socks64 server tries to get the FQDN of the target by
reverse querying DNS if the client specifies its target in IPv4
address. Using this option, we can provide (limited) supports to SOCKS
version 4 (not 5) clients such as Netscape Communicator without
SocksCap or runsocks. Please refer to README.socks64 for detail.

We would appreciate your problem reports, comments, and
suggestions. Please send e-mails to:

mailto:[email protected]

Kobayashi Shinji
[email protected]