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IPv6: can a link-site (or global) address be configured in rc .conf

> The exception is for "6to4" prefixes which are in the 
> 2002::/16 TLA space. 
> See the I-D:
> <http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-ietf-ngtrans-6to4-03.txt>
> Please read, then ask any questions you may have. 6to4 is currently 
> supported, and there are relay routers up and running.

To summarize, with 6to4 all you need is one global/static IPv4 address and
you get a /48 IPv6 prefix for yourself.


Can you point out some implementation that supports the 6to4 mechanism,

	Thank you,
		Rute Sofia

Helena Rute Esteves Carvalho Sofia
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