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ipv6 linux (setup local ip6 address)

Hello there,

 I need some help from someone who has experience of setting up ipv6 in linux.

 Here I am doing a project that need several local linux machine sending
 each other ipv6 packets.  I followed Peter's (seems the most popular ipv6 in
 linux how to website) GUIDE to recompile the ipv6 kernel and installed the
 necessary applications.   For instance, when I try to ping6 my machine ::1 and fe80::8653:07a0 (the ipv6 address it automatically generate according to my eth0 address), it works fine.

Here are the questions:

 1. when I try to do "ifconfig eth0 inet6 fec0:0:0:1:2c0:6cff:fe00:f043" so
 that I can set it as some local ipv6 address, it gives the msg "don't know
 how to set add for family 10"  Do you know what will be the reason? Do you
 know how to configure your eth interface in ipv6 (set up local ip6 address, subnet mask, etc)? 

 2. Also, do you refer some good website that give you instructions on ipv6
 setup in linux or how to obtain an ipv6 static address?
 I will really appreciate your help.
 Best wishes,