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Thanks for fixing the routing!

Thanks to everybody on this list who fixed up the recent routing
glitches on the 6bone!  Now that the 6bone has recovered from its
spasm of routing misinformation, I'm pleased to announce that the
World Science Fiction Society's web page is now accessible via IPv6
at www6.wsfs.org or www6.worldcon.org.  It's my guess that this is
one of the first web sites on the 6bone bone which is not concerned
in any way with network operations.  Perhaps it's the very first,
though it would be hard to prove.  I'm running FreeBSD-3.4+KAME-
stable-March2000, Apache-1.3.12 with KAME patches, sendmail-8.11.0
with IPv6 service, and BIND-9.0.0-rc1 with IPv6 service.  My appre-
ciation goes out to all the people who made this wonderful software
work, and to the people at Verio Northwest who provide my IPv6 tunnel.

-- George Mitchell ([email protected])
(IPv6 mail at [email protected])