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quake on IPv6: a first for IPv6!

Good day,
 On Jan 13th 3h10 am, we played what we think is the first IPv6
multiuser game: the well-known quake using IPv6.

 Quake source (the quakeforge version) was ported to Freebsd and then
ported to freebsd-kame-ipv6 and solaris8-ipv6-ready. Some code was based
on ipv6 code for linux-quake from Pontus Lidman (Thanks Pontus). We are
currently porting the NT version with the MSR NT stack.  Information on
the port and source code is available in english at
http://www.viagenie.qc.ca/en/quake.shtml and en français à
http://www.viagenie.qc.ca/en/quake.shtml .  Port was done by Florent
Parent and André Cormier of Viagénie.

 A quake-ipv6 server (running solaris8-ipv6) is available to the
community: quake.ipv6.viagenie.qc.ca, so people can play together using
IPv6.  It is a IPv6-only server: no IPv4.  If you need IPv6 connectivity
for your computer, you can use our freenet6 service:

 If you want to play with us, the crew here is scheduled to play every
friday 16h00 EST (GMT -5:00 I think). 

 comments, support and suggestions are welcome at:
[email protected]

Marc Blanchet, for the team.