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IPv6 address/port format

	Just love playing devil's advocate...

On Tue, Jan 18, 2000 at 07:13:14AM +0100, Wojtek Bojdo/l wrote:
> On Mon, 17 Jan 2000, Jim Bound wrote:
> > 	>What about the IPv4 compatibility notation?
> > 
> > 	>:: for my address.  Now port would be ::
> > 
> > We could just get rid of IPv4 compatible addresses :---)....

> we don't need to...
> When we write IPv4 compatible address it can look:
> :k.l.m.n:o.p.q.r
> but it can't look:
> :k.l.m.n:o.p.q.r.s

	Ok...  Pop quiz.


	Is that port 143 on system (host 1.0 on network 130.205)
or is that host  It's a rare case, but legitimate.  In
IPv4 notation they allow 130.20.1 to be the equivalent of in
full.  This is BUTT UGLY, IMHO, but apparently legal and I've actually
encountered some people using it and pointing it out to me.  So this one
particular instance is ambiguous, unless we specify, up front, that all four
of the dotted quads are specified in full for IPv4 compat notation.

> If our resolver function 'll count how many dot's it got after last :
> and if there's no next :, and it's 5th dot, it can get it as port.

	I had parsers that have to do things like that (although you have
to do things like that for syntax checking anyways).  :-)

> I think it can be good idea, but we should check if it would be hard to
> implement.

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