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Resend:Two questions

At 10:59 PM -0500 1/10/00, Gregg C Levine wrote:
>The first one is: Is anyone who is US based aware of access for the 6Bone
>project through a dial-up account from a non-participating ISP? This
>service provider AT&T Worldnet, so far has not moved in the direction that
>this list is moving into. (Nor or they even aware of the 6Bone, as of today

I kind of doubt that you will find commercial IPv6 service today.  Speaking
without certainty, the 6Bone is so far an experimental arrangement, vendors
are unlikely to sell access to an experiment (that they don't completely

Another part of the infrastructure still needed to be upgraded is DNS.
There are no DNS servers (in general release) capable of supporting IPv6 in
full.  ISC is working on BIND version 9, and that won't be out (for
testing) for a few months yet.  It will have support for A6 records.


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