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Tunnel in cisco router.

In future, I'd ask everyone to please contact [email protected] if you 
have support questions about Beta or EFT versions of Cisco IOS IPv6 
software. You are likely to get more prompt, and more definitive, response 
from us directly.

I think this is a simple configuration error, and will follow up offline to 
save further discussion on this list.



At 29/12/2000, Mithrandir wrote:
 >Okay this is one out of a lot of try outs.
 >Don't shoot me I just use this in a Closed LAN environment.
 >It does not work. (Pinging that is)
 >Router#show config
Trevor Warwick <mailto:[email protected]>
Cisco IOS Software Development Manager, Stockley Park
Tel: +44 (0)20 8756 9688