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cisco router

=>I read there are several people working with Cisco 2500 series routers.

  Yes, we do :-)

>But, if you want to run the latest images, these images are getting bigger, 
>so you will probably endup having to buy more memory (both types).

  That is true, but we found some memory sitting on a shelf for an upgrade... 

  Actually, the most recent version is even smaller again (than the
  previous one). One way around (flash) memeory limitatiosn can be to boot
  tftp from another box which has got enough flash - we do it from our V6

  The 4500 is doing ATM PVCs, Ethernet and Serial (AS 1122)
  The 2500 is doing Ethernet and Serial (AS1121)
  FYI, the config for those 2 boxes can be found at
http://noc.aco.net/ipv6/extern/ipv6vie.cfg.html	 (4500)
http://noc.aco.net/ipv6/extern/ipv6vie2.cfg.html (2500)

  Wilfried Woeber                 : e-mail: [email protected]
  UniVie Computer Center - ACOnet : Tel: +43 1 4277 - 140 33
  Universitaetsstrasse 7          : Fax: +43 1 4277 - 9 140
  A-1010 Vienna, Austria, Europe  : RIPE-DB: WW144, PGP keyID 0xF0ACB369