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cisco router

At/À 12:06 2000-12-22 +0100, Mithrandir you wrote/vous écriviez:
>Hello there guys,
>the Verelst Johan ([email protected]) account has changed to
>[email protected]
>I read there are several people working with Cisco 2500 series routers.

yeap. worked for many years now for us. We also bring a cisco 2500 router 
at the IETFs since a few years to enable iPv6 in the ietf network.

But, if you want to run the latest images, these images are getting bigger, 
so you will probably endup having to buy more memory (both types). For 
ourselves, we decided to use 2600 with upgraded memory instead of buying 
more memory in the 2500, and give up for 2500 with ipv6, since we needed 
the added features of the latest images.

your choice!


>Can any of you give me a sample of a "show running config" I can't seem to
>get my tunnel up and running.
>Don't worry I have an IPv6 compatible IOS.
>A "show IP interfaces" would also be very helpfull.
>Thx for all your hard work i'm trying to steel.
>(just kidding) and MERRY CHRISTMAS you all!!
>and maybe A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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