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IPv4-mapped IPv6 addresses

[email protected] wrote:

>         if the following conditions are true:
>         - you have configured your (linux) node as IPv4/IPv6 dual stack node
>         - linux IPv6 stack supports behavior presented in RFC2553 section 3.7
>         traffic toward IPv6 mapped address (on top of AF_INET6 socket) will
>         go out the node as IPv4 traffic.  if you run tcpdump on loopback
>         interface while you run "telnet ::ffff:", you will see IPv4
>         traffic.  this is expected behavior and you cannot test SIIT with the
>         node.
>         if I understand correctly, SIIT specification is written to support
>         IPv6-only nodes.  you need to at least remove RFC2553 section 3.7
>         behavior from your test node.  also, you may need to remove IPv4 stack
>         in your kernel.  at this moment I don't think there's any stack
>         capable of doing the latter.
> itojun

	In addition, SIIT talks about IPv6/IPv4 dual nodes that have IPv4 stack
but which aren't configured with any IPv4 address, too.


	Julio Baixauli Garreta
	[email protected]