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IPv4-mapped IPv6 addresses

Li Hong wrote:
> I built my IPv6 client/server using IPv4-mapped IPv6 address, address format like ::ffff:a.b.c.d
> These two hosts were on the same Ethernet.

	Are you sure the communication is made in IPv6? The kernel handles
these addresses like it would be IPv4 addresses (...I think). How you
can skip this default conduct?

	In my test program I make:

socket() with PF_INET6 & SOCK_STREAM
connect() to ::ffff:a.b.c.d

...and I can see, at least, ARP packets for a.b.c.d (if any route is
found in the route table). This implies that the connection will be made
in IPv4, isn't it?

	Could you send me any code that can clarify me?	

	Thank you very much!!


	Julio Baixauli Garreta
	[email protected]