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On Sat, 16 Dec 2000, Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino wrote: <
>> >Next to IPv6-connectivity via BGP-4+ thrue the 6bone, I am also
>> looking into 6to4. ...
>>- Especially concerning using OpenBSD for 6to4.
> 	there's no support for 6to4 in OpenBSD 2.7/2.8.
There indead is not 'stf' (six to four) interface in the default
installation of OpenBSD, but I am still trying to find out if this is
because it is not supported on OpenBSD at all (it's part of the
KAME-software, so why would the OpenBSD-people have removed it), or is has
been removed from the default installation.
(There has been a security-warning of the stf-interface, and considering
OpenBSD's security commitment ...)

Anycase, -at first- I actually wanted to try FreeBSD, bit -for some
reason- these siemens 'scenic' boxes hang up when during the
freebsd-installation (at the moment the ethernet-interface is configured).
Neither Linux nor OpenBSD have any problem at all, so it's not a real
'hardware' problem.

Cheerio! Kr. Bonne.
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