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looks like some hung routes

in an effort to fix something, it looks like I leaked a bunch of routes in
the 3ffe:2900::/24 space (many /48's).  I have gathered a list of ASN's that
appear to be still advertising them. Please look at your tables if you are a
pTLA, and make sure that there are no longer any more specifics out of
3ffe:2900::/24. Things should be filtered according to rfc2772 at this time.
Sorry for the inconvenience. If I don't see them clear up in a few days,
I'll release the list of ASN's that have the stuck routes. I encourage all
pTLA's to filter inbound and outbound, via 2772. please see the document if
you have not read it



Rob Rockell
Sprint Internet Services
Principal Engineer
SprintLink Europe/Asia