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ipv6-site registration problem


I encountered a registration problem 
when I tried to register a ipv6-site object
in 6bone databse.
The error message said 
    % ERROR: ***You are not authorized to do network updates***

and My register info is :
    ipv6-site: BII
    origin: AS10109
    descr: BII Group Holdings Ltd IPv6 Testbed
    contact: HN2-6BONE
    mnt-by: MNT-BII
    changed: [email protected] 20001215
    source: 6BONE
    country: CN
    prefix: 3ffe:510::/32

What's the matter ?  How can I solve the problem?
Thank you.

    Hua Ning
    Beijing Internet-networking Institute(BII Group Holdings Ltd),
    110E 11F China Merchants Tower,
    No.2 Dong Huan Nan Lu, Chao Yang District,
    Zip Code: 100022