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gif interface

Dear Jeff,

> Hi, 
>    I am confused how to enable gif interface in my
> freebsd box? Can someone give me a clue?
For help on manual setups on various unix-alike Operating
Systems, please visit http://www.ipng.nl/, section OS Setup.

For FreeBSD, things go something like:
# gifconfig gif0 <yourIPv4> <theirIPv4>
# ifconfig gif0 inet6 <yourIPv6> <theirIPv6> prefixlen <number>

Normally, you would also say something like:
# route add -inet6 default <theirIPv6>

and, if you plan to route traffic, you'd set your primary
ethernet card to some address:
# ifconfig fxp0 inet6 <someIPv6> prefixlen <someprefix>
# sysctl -w net.inet6.ip6.forwarding=1

This last statement tells the kernel to forward IPv6 packets
between interfaces (in your case between fxp0 and gif0)

Pim van Pelt

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