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ftp server for test in 6bone?

On Fri, Dec 15, 2000 at 01:31:17PM +0100, Christian Schild wrote:
> Hello Julio,
> On 15-Dec-2000 Julio Baixauli wrote:
> > 
> >       Hello!
> > 
> >       Are there any ftp server in 6bone to test client FTP software?
> Please try ftp://ftp.ipv6.uni-muenster.de 

ftp.kame.net also. Both ipv6 and ipv4 DNS so make sure you connect to the
right one.

> >       Has anybody test some FTP client in Linux (with Iv6, of course)? Any
> > recommendations?
> I tested netscape6/beonex, lukemftp and ncftp(patched), but I couldn't rate
> one of them better than the other. 

I think debian/woody is getting a bit of ipv6 support (certainly telnet is)
so you might like to try the odd package from there.