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spam: quakev6 game during ietf

At/À 19:05 2000-12-13 +0900, Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino you wrote/vous écriviez:

> >- In order to stretch the ipv6 network... ;-)))
> >- and since many ipv6 people are in San Diego using wireless or wired
> >connections and ipv6 is available on the network
> >- and since game playing is as useful as writing an internet-draft or
> >writing code ... ;-)))
>         sorry, at this very moment IPv6 router at the IETF venue is down.
>         i'll try to recover it in early morning, dec13.

well, don't rush, people can also use one of the tunnel brokers and servers.
One of them is http://www.freenet6.net which is btw on the same lan as the 
quake server... ;-))



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