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IPV6 working - looking for tunnel

we can help you out.  Just send your request to [email protected] and 
someone will handle your request.


At/À 09:02 2000-08-22 -0700, Terry you wrote/vous écriviez:
>I've managed to get IPV6 working over a freenet6 tunnel - I'm now looking
>for a tunnel to allow the rest of my network to connect rather than a point
>to point link.
>I've started working down the PTLA list on the 6bone registry page but am
>becoming discouraged by either no response or negative responses.   Can
>anybody help ?
>My geographical location is Spokane Wa - my ipv4 address of my router is :
>My network is a small home / business network with a couple of linux boxes
>and a couple of windows boxes.
>Terry Moore-Read   - Computer Guru & Part-time rocket scientist
>NAR # 77465    Insured     Level 1

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