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Testing an IPv6 web site - guinea pigs wanted


	I've got me a copy of apache 1.3.12, patched to use IPv6.  This
patch, in part, comes out of the work originally done by itojun, further
patches coming from the Polish linux distrib. and ultimately from the
Debian folk.  The system is running linux kernel version 2.2.16 with glibc

To enhance browsing pleasure (this is all I could come up with for web
content at short notice), the following URL's are available for testing:




Let me know if it works, and feel free to pound the site with prototype
spiders and such.



P.S. No, I don't have an IPv6 browser, I'm behind a firewall, and use a
squid proxy for web access.  I know, I know.... (lftp seems to shown it to
work though).