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IPv6 over ATM

In my opinion, ATM is just transmission path for IP packets now.
I mean ATM is the reliable transmission path.
You got routers with ATM interfaces and v6 stacks, so you can
construct a IPv6 network.
If you get AS, pTLA or sTLA and your BGP router is connected to
internation ATM link, you can reach 6TAP.

Then how about the earthquake in Taiwan?


Yann-Ju Chu wrote:

> Hi:
>     I am now interested in 6Tap and have studied the its presentation on july/99.
> However, I have some questions.
> I have got routers with ATM interface which support IPv6 protocol stacks.
> Is it right that only if the router support RFC 2492, it can set up IPv6 over ATM
> path with other 6Ren peers? In other words, does the RFC 2492 play the same
> role as classic IPover ATM or Lan emulation?
>                                        Thanks

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