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Local LAN IP

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theo purmer

Van: 	Fernando Mendonca[SMTP:[email protected]]
Antwoord naar: 	Fernando Mendonca
Verzonden: 	zaterdag 16 oktober 1999 5:44
Aan: 	[email protected]; Chris B Luck
Onderwerp: 	Re: Local LAN IP

Please, help me to leave this list.

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De: Chris B Luck <[email protected]>
Para: <[email protected]>
Enviada em: Sexta-feira, 15 de Outubro de 1999 12:41
Assunto: Local LAN IP

> I would like to setup a local lan with IPv6 but I'm not sure on what
> would be a valid non routable IPv6 IP network address.  Like 192.168.x.x
> is for IPv4.  Can someone please help me?
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