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Testing SMTP over IPv6

I'm running Sendmail-8.10.0 Beta 6 with IPv6 support compiled in on FreeBSD
3.2 with the KAME IPv6 stack.  Unfortunately, I'm not aware of a single
other site with which I can exchange email over IPv6.  So, if you have
SMTP bound to an IPv6 socket somewhere, would you either let me send you
a message to you via IPv6, or else send me a message at

[email protected]

to let me see if my setup is working?

To get sendmail to compile, I made a couple of changes to sendmail/conf.h
and devtools/OS/FreeBSD, but I've been told that I did it wrong.  The
correct way should have been to a new file, devtools/Site/site.config.m4,
containing the following:

APPENDDEF(`confLIBS', `-linet6')

As time goes on and people desire to accept mail over either IPv4 or
IPv6, will we just put MX records of equal priority for an IPv4 server
and an IPv6 server, or just put in one MX record referring to a name
with both an A and AAAA (or A6) record?

-- George Mitchell ([email protected])