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ETRI, sTLA, 2001:230::/35

Dear IPv6 members.

I'm Myung-Ki Shin from ETRI, Korea.

We got 2001:230::/35 sTLA block from APNIC.
Right now, We start renumbering from ETRI pTLA (3ffe:2e00::/24).

In addition, In near future,
we will assign the IPv6 addresses to IMT-2000
network and Cable network or ADSL ISPs in Korea.

Myung-Ki Shin |  [email protected]
ETRI/PEC      |  161 Kajong-Dong, Yusong-Gu,
              |  Taejon, 305-390, Korea
              |  Tel:+82-42-860-4847
              |  FAX:+82-42-861-5404
              |  http://pec.etri.re.kr/~mkshin/