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(ngtrans) Working Group last call for BROKER-02, closes 1 Dec 99


draft-ietf-ngtrans-broker-02 is intended to be framework document 
describing the guidelines for the provision of a Tunnel Broker service
within the Internet. For this reason it does not specifies any protocol
or MIME type but details the general architecture of the proposed
approach and outlines a set of available alternatives for implementing it.
Anyway I agree with you when you say that the use of a newly
defined MIME type to deliver the tunnel parameters to the client is a 
very attractive alternative which is certainly worth envisaging. But I think
that such an effort should be the subject of a companion document to
be published on the standards track.
What I can certainly do in broker-02 is to add a few sentences
clarifying that the MIME-based approach you propose is a valuable
alternative for the implementation of the broker-client interaction and that
for this reason the definition of a new MIME type to deliver tunnel 
configuration parameters is strongly recommended. In addition I can 
better clarify in the security considerations that the use of .bat or shell 
scripts to configure the client is frightening insecure and should be 
considered only for early implementations of the Tunnel Broker approach.



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> 1 Dec 99
> Sorry, Bob and authors, but I don't think there's enough material
> there to publish as an RFC unless you define the format of the tunnel
> parameters returned to the client.  I've been saying for a year now
> that there ought to be such a definition and it should be client-
> platform independent.  (To preserve the attractive convenience -- and
> frightening insecurity -- of sending over a .BAT file or shell
> script, the response might be a MIME multipart/alternative.)
> 				Matt